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Relationship between size of cloud ice and lightning in the tropics

Lal, DM and Ghude, SD and Singh, J and Tiwari, S (2014) Relationship between size of cloud ice and lightning in the tropics. Advances in Meteorology, 2014. pp. 1-7.

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The association of lightning flashes with mean cloud ice size over continental and oceanic region in the tropical areas has been analyzed using the observations from various satellite platforms (MODIS, TRMM, and LIS) for the period 2000-2011. We found that frequency of lightning in general is higher over the continental region compared to oceanic region, whereas larger size of cloud ice is observed over the oceanic regions compared to the continental regions. Relationship between lighting and cloud ice size shows similar features over both continental and oceanic regions. For the first time, we show that total lighting increases with increase in the cloud ice size; attends maximum at certain cloud ice size and then decreases with increase in cloud ice size. Maximum lightning occurred for the mean cloud ice size of around 23-25 μm over the continental region and mean cloud ice size of around 24-28 μm over the oceanic region. Based on our observation we argue that the relation between lightning and mean cloud ice size follow the curve linear pattern, and not linear.

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