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On the contribution of black carbon to the composite aerosol radiative forcing over an urban environment

Panicker, AS and Pandithurai, G and Safai, PD and Dipu, S and Lee, DI (2010) On the contribution of black carbon to the composite aerosol radiative forcing over an urban environment. Atmospheric Environment, 44 (25). pp. 3066-3070.

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This paper discusses the extent of Black Carbon (BC) radiative forcing in the total aerosol atmospheric radiative forcing over Pune, an urban site in India. Collocated measurements of aerosol optical properties, chemical composition and BC were carried out for a period of six months (during October 2004 to May 2005) over the site. Observed aerosol chemical composition in terms of water soluble, insoluble and BC components were used in Optical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds (OPAC) to derive aerosol optical properties of composite aerosols. The BC fraction alone was used in OPAC to derive optical properties of BC aerosols. The aerosol optical properties for composite and BC aerosols were separately used in SBDART model to derive direct aerosol radiative forcing due to composite and BC aerosols. The atmospheric radiative forcing for composite aerosols were found to be +35.5, +32.9 and +47.6Wm-2 during post-monsoon, winter and pre-monsoon seasons, respectively. The average BC mass fraction found to be 4.83, 6.33 and 4μgm-3 during the above seasons contributing around 2.2 to 5.8 to the total aerosol load. The atmospheric radiative forcing estimated due to BC aerosols was +18.8, +23.4 and +17.2Wm-2, respectively during the above seasons. The study suggests that even though BC contributes only 2.2-6 to the total aerosol load; it is contributing an average of around 55 to the total lower atmospheric aerosol forcing due to strong radiative absorption, and thus enhancing greenhouse warming.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Aerosol chemical composition; Aerosol optical property; Aerosol radiative forcing; Black carbon; Chemical compositions; Greenhouse warming; India; Mass fraction; Optical properties of aerosols; Post-monsoon; Pre-monsoon; Radiative absorption; Radiative forcings; Urban environments; Urban site; Watersoluble, Atmospheric chemistry; Atmospheric thermodynamics; Optical properties; Particulate emissions, Atmospheric aerosols, black carbon; water, aerosol composition; black carbon; greenhouse ecosystem; radiative forcing; urban area; urban atmosphere, aerosol; article; atmosphere; chemical composition; environment; greenhouse effect; priority journal; radiative forcing; solubility; urban area; winter, India; Maharashtra; Pune
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