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Impact of galactic cosmic rays on Earth's atmosphere and human health

Singh, AK and Siingh, D and Singh, RP (2011) Impact of galactic cosmic rays on Earth's atmosphere and human health. Atmospheric Environment, 45 (23). pp. 3806-3818.

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The galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) originating from astrophysical sources and traversing through the interstellar/interplanetary medium reach the terrestrial atmosphere and produce complex dynamic changes in it. The flow rate of GCRs incident on the Earth’s upper atmosphere is varied by the solar wind and the geomagnetic field. Striking correlations between the cloud cover and GCR fluxes on long time scale are observed whereas on short time scale no significant correlation is found. These observations are directly related to climate variations on short term as well as long term. In the present paper, we have reviewed and attempted to provide an overview of cosmic ray effects on terrestrial processes such as electrical phenomena, lightning discharges cloud formation and cloud coverage, temperature variation, space weather phenomena, Earth’s climate and the effects of GCRs on human health. It is shown that CRs control long term variations of some of the above mentioned physical processes, which in turn control short term and long term variations in climate. It is also pointed out that there are many basic phenomena which need further study and require new and long term data set.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Astrophysical sources; Atmosphere; Climate; Climate variation; Cloud cover; Cloud coverage; Cloud formation; Complex dynamics; Data sets; Earth's climate; Electrical phenomena; Galactic cosmic rays; Geomagnetic fields; Human health; Lightning discharge; Long term; Long-term variations; Physical process; Ray effects; Short term; Short time scale; Space weather; Space weather phenomena; Temperature variation; Time-scales, Climate control; Cosmic rays; Cosmology; Galaxies; Geomagnetism; Health; Solar wind; Upper atmosphere, Earth (planet), astrophysics; climate variation; cloud cover; cosmic ray; data set; flow pattern; geomagnetic field; health impact; lightning; long-term change; observational method; public health; solar wind; terrestrial environment; timescale, article; atmosphere; correlation analysis; cosmic radiation; electrical parameters; magnetic field; physical parameters; priority journal
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