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Solar Activity, Lightning and Climate

Siingh, D and Singh, RP and Singh, AK and Kulkarni, MN and Gautam, AS and Singh, AK (2011) Solar Activity, Lightning and Climate. Surveys in Geophysics, 32 (6). pp. 659-703.

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The physics of solar forcing of the climate and long term climate change is summarized, and the role of energetic charged particles (including cosmic rays) on cloud formation and their effect on climate is examined. It is considered that the cosmic ray-cloud cover hypothesis is not supported by presently available data and further investigations (during Forbush decreases and at other times) should be analyzed to further examine the hypothesis. Another player in climate is lightning through the production of NOx; this greenhouse gas, water vapour in the troposphere (and stratosphere) and carbon dioxide influence the global temperature through different processes. The enhancement of aerosol concentrations and their distribution in the troposphere also affect the climate and may result in enhanced lightning activity. Finally, the roles of atmospheric conductivity on the electrical activity of thunderstorms and lightning discharges in relation to climate are discussed.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Aerosol concentration; Atmospheric conductivity; Climate; Cloud formation; Different process; Electrical activities; Energetic charged particles; Forbush decrease; Galactic cosmic rays; Global temperatures; Lightning activity; Lightning discharge; Solar activity; Solar forcing; Solar irradiances; Upper tropospheric water vapour; Water vapour, Atmospheric aerosols; Atmospheric chemistry; Atmospherics; Carbon dioxide; Chemical analysis; Cosmic rays; Cosmology; Global warming; Greenhouse gases; Solar energy; Solar radiation; Thunderstorms; Troposphere, Lightning, aerosol; atmospheric electricity; climate change; climate effect; climate forcing; cloud cover; concentration (composition); cosmic ray; hypothesis testing; lightning; nitrogen oxides; solar activity; stratosphere; thunderstorm; top of atmosphere; troposphere; water vapor
Subjects: Meteorology and Climatology
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