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Predictability of Global Monsoon Rainfall in NCEP CFSv2

Saha, SK and Sujith, K and Pokhrel, S and Chaudhari, HS and Hazra, A (2015) Predictability of Global Monsoon Rainfall in NCEP CFSv2. Climate Dynamics, 47 (5). pp. 1693-1715.

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This study evaluates the actual and potential prediction skill of the global monsoon rainfall using hindcast simulations by NCEP CFSv2 at zero to three lead forecast months (L0–L3). It is shown that the model has moderate skill in global monsoon rainfall (GMR) prediction, where the boreal summer monsoon rainfall forecast is more skillful than that of the austral summer. In general, the prediction skill of the GMR (actual and potential) increases with the decrease in lead forecast time, which is true for the all major regional monsoons, except the Australian monsoon. Over the Australian monsoon region, both actual and potential prediction skills in rainfall increase with increase in lead forecast. The forecast skill of tropical SST during austral summer is a maximum at 3 months lead forecast (i.e. July initial conditions) and that is associated with spring predictability barrier. Using partial least square (PLS) regression method, it is shown that the major predictor (first latent vector) of the boreal and austral summer monsoon rainfall variability is ENSO, and the influence of ENSO on rainfall variability is much stronger in the model as compared to the observation. The second PLS regression mode is associated with the non-ENSO variability like tropical Atlantic, Indian, subtropical northwest Pacific Ocean variability, midlatitude interactions etc. However, the model has very poor skill in reproducing the second mode, particularly during the boreal summer monsoon season. It is also shown that a significant part of the Indian summer monsoon rainfall variability is controlled by other than ENSO variability and the model has limited success in capturing that.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Global monsoon;Seasonal forecast and teleconnections; Potential predictability
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