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Large-scale and spatio-temporal extreme rain events over India: a hydrometeorological study

Ranade, A and Singh, N (2014) Large-scale and spatio-temporal extreme rain events over India: a hydrometeorological study. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 115 (3-4). pp. 175-190.

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Frequency, intensity, areal extent (AE) and duration of rain spells during summer monsoon exhibit large intra-seasonal and inter-annual variations. Important features of the monsoon period large-scale wet spells over India have been documented. A main monsoon wet spell (MMWS) occurs over the country from 18 June to 16 September, during which, 26.5 of the area receives rainfall 26.3 mm/day. Detailed characteristics of the MMWS period large-scale extreme rain events (EREs) and spatio-temporal EREs (ST-EREs), each concerning rainfall intensity (RI), AE and rainwater (RW), for 1 to 25 days have been studied using 1° gridded daily rainfall (1951-2007). In EREs, 'same area' (grids) is continuously wet, whereas in ST-EREs, 'any area' on the mean under wet condition for specified durations is considered. For the different extremes, second-degree polynomial gave excellent fit to increase in values from distribution of annual maximum RI and RW series with increase in duration. Fluctuations of RI, AE, RW and date of occurrence (or start) of the EREs and the ST-EREs did not show any significant trend. However, fluctuations of 1° latitude-longitude grid annual and spatial maximum rainfall showed highly significant increasing trend for 1 to 5 days, and unprecedented rains on 26-27 July 2005 over Mumbai could be a realization of this trend. The Asia-India monsoon intensity significantly influences the MMWS RW.

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