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On the distribution of mean static stability and mean Richardson number in tropical atmosphere

Saha, KR and Singh, SS (1972) On the distribution of mean static stability and mean Richardson number in tropical atmosphere. Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan, 50. pp. 312-324.

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Mean tropospheric soundings over different regions of the tropical belt lying between 30°N and S during different periods of the year are constructed and used to compute mean static stability (SS) over all regions and mean Richardson number (Ri) over monsoon regions in different isobaric layers. The results show that the vertical distribution of moist static stability based on values of equivalent potential temperature is remarkably similar in all regions, with high negative values near surface and high positive values in the upper troposphere, the level of transition from negative to positive value occurring at a level between about 700 and 500 mb. However, the investigation reveals the following regional and seasonal characteristics in values of mean static stability: (a) in any particular region, the lower troposphere is statically more unstable and instability extends to greater heights during the summer than during the winter; (b) during a particular season, the regions lying in the summer hemisphere show greater static instability extending to greater heights than those lying in the winter hemisphere: and (c) in any particular hemisphere, the atmosphere over the region/area lying near the equator is statically more unstable than that lying away from the equator.

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