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Nucleation events for the formation of charged aerosol particles at a tropical station - Preliminary results

Siingh, D and Gautam, AS and Kamra, AK and Komsaare, K (2013) Nucleation events for the formation of charged aerosol particles at a tropical station - Preliminary results. Atmospheric Research, 132-13. pp. 239-252.

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Simultaneous measurements of atmospheric ions in the mobility range of 3.16-0.00133cm2v-1s-1 (diameter range 0.46-50nm) made with a Neutral Cluster and Air Ion Spectrometer (NAIS) at a tropical station, Pune (18° 31' N, 73° 55' E) over a period of 47days, revealed that nucleation events for the formation of ions occurred on 17days. These events generally occurred between 0800 and 1000LT and enhanced concentrations of Aitken particles continued to be observed up to 1700-1800LT. During these events, particles grew at rates of 3.1±0.8 to 11.2±3.5nmh-1 for different particle size ranges. Three cases of nucleation events, two with large and one with small particle concentrations, are examined and differences in ion characteristics between the different cases are pointed out. Characteristics and contributions of opposite polarity of ions to the increase in total ion concentration have been examined. A unique type of nucleation event in which particles grew to a size of ~41nm at 0800LT diameter and then decreased to a size of 8.64nm diameter, is also reported. In this event, increase in total ion concentration occurred due to the increase of intermediate-, light large-, and heavy large-ions, but the decrease was mainly due to the decrease in only light and heavy large ions. Ratio of the positive to negative ions decreased during the period of this unique event as compared to before and after the event. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentration is positively correlated with the concentrations of intermediate, light large and heavy large ions but negatively correlated with the concentration of cluster ions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Atmospheric ions; Charged aerosol particles; Different particle sizes; Ion concentrations; Mobility spectra; Neutral clusters; Simultaneous measurement; Tropical stations, Aerosols; Air mobility; Ions; Nucleation; Sulfur dioxide, Ion mobility spectrometers, aerosol formation; ion; ionic composition; mobility; nucleation; particle size; particulate matter; sulfur dioxide
Subjects: Meteorology and Climatology
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