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On the Transfer Function between Surface Fields and the Geostrophic Stream Function in the Mediterranean Sea

Isern-Fontanet, J and Shinde, M and González-Haro, C (2014) On the Transfer Function between Surface Fields and the Geostrophic Stream Function in the Mediterranean Sea. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 44. pp. 1406-1423.

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The real transfer function and the phase shift between sea surface height (SSH) and sea surface buoyancy (SSB) were estimated from the output of a realistic eddy-resolving model of the Mediterranean Sea circulation. The analysis of their temporal evolution unveiled the existence of a clear seasonal cycle closely related to that of the mixed layer depth. The phase shifts between SSH and SSB attain their minimum for deep mixed layers, which is different from zero. Besides, the spectral slope of the transfer function at scales shorter than 100 km fluctuates between k−1 and k−2. For deep mixed layers, it is close to k−1, as predicted by the surface quasigeostrophic (SQG) solution. At longer wavelengths, it is approximately constant under the different environmental conditions in all of the subbasins analyzed with the exception of the Gulf of Lions. The capability to observe sea surface temperature (SST) from satellites motivated the extension of this analysis to SST and SSH. Results showed a similar qualitative behavior but with larger phase shifts. In spite of the presence of a phase shift, even for deep mixed layers, results revealed that it is still possible to reconstruct surface dynamics from SST using a transfer function, provided that the mixed layer is deep enough. For the present study, a threshold value of 70 m was enough to identify the appropriate environmental conditions. In addition, the results revealed that a precise estimation of the transfer function significantly improves the reconstruction of the flow in comparison with the application of the classical SQG solution.

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