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Aerosol radiative forcing controls: Results from an Indian table-top mining region

Latha, R and Murthy, BS and Kumar, M and Lipi, K and Jyotsna, S (2013) Aerosol radiative forcing controls: Results from an Indian table-top mining region. Atmospheric Environment, 81. pp. 687-694.

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Aerosol radiative forcing (ARF) over intense mining area in Indian monsoon trough region, computed based on the aerosol optical properties obtained through Prede (POM-1L) sky radiometer and radiative transfer model, are analysed for the year 2011 based on 21 clear sky days spread through seasons. Due to active mining and varied minerals ARF is expected to be significantly modulated by single scattering albedo (SSA). Our studies show that radiative forcing normalized by aerosol optical depth (AOD) is highly correlated with SSA (0.96) while ARF at the surface with AOD by 0.92. Our results indicate that for a given AOD, limits or range of ARF are determined by SSA, hence endorses the need to obtain SSA accurately, preferably derived through observations concurrent with AOD. Noticeably, ARF at the top-of the atmosphere is well connected to SSA (r=0.77) than AOD (r=0.6). Relation between observed black carbon and SSA are investigated. A possible over estimation of SSA by the inversion algorithm, SKYRAD.pack 4.2, used in the current study is also discussed. Choice of atmospheric profiles deviating from tropical to mid altitude summer or winter does not appear to be sensitive in ARF calculation by SBDART. Based on the 21 clear sky days, a multiple linear regression equation is obtained for ARFbot as a function of AOD and SSA with a bias of ±2.7Wm-2. This equation is verified with an independent data set of seasonal mean AOD and SSA to calculate seasonal ARF that compares well with the modeled ARF within ±4Wm-2.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Solar radiation extinction;Sun-sky radiometer;Radiative transfer model;Black carbon;Regression equations
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