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Sea level changes along the Indian coast: Observations and projections

Unnikrishnan, AS and Rupa Kumar, K and Fernandes, SE and Michael, GS and Patwardhan, SK (2006) Sea level changes along the Indian coast: Observations and projections. Current Science, 90 (3). pp. 362-368.

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Sea level changes can be of two types: (i) changes in the mean sea level and (ii) changes in the extreme sea level. The former is a global phenomenon while the latter is a regional phenomenon. Estimates of mean sea level rise made from past tide gauge data at selected stations along the coast of India indicate a rise of slightly less than 1 mm/year; however these estimates need to be corrected by including the rates of vertical land movements, whose measurements are not available at present. Simulation results of a regional climate model, HadRM2, were analysed for the northern Indian Ocean to provide the future scenarios of the occurrence of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal for the period 2041-60. This model simulations consist of a control run with concentration of CO2 kept constant at 1990 levels and a perturbed run with transient increase in the concentrations of CO2 (GHG) according to the IS92a scenario for the period 2041-2060. The simulation results show increase in frequencies of tropical cyclones in the Bay, particularly intense events during the postmonsoon period, for the increased GHG run. A storm surge model was used to compute the surges associated with the cyclones generated by the climate model. The storm surge model was forced by the wind field from HadRM2 over the model domain and tides prescribed along the open boundary from a global tidal model. The frequency of high surges is found to be higher in the model run forced by winds from increased GHG run than in the model run forced by winds from the control run.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Future climate projection, regional climate model, sea level rise, storm surges, tide gauge data.
Subjects: Meteorology and Climatology
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