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On the plausible reasons for the formation of onset vortex in the presence of Arabian Sea mini warm pool

Deepa, R and Seetaramayya, P and Nagar, SG and Gnanaseelan, C (2007) On the plausible reasons for the formation of onset vortex in the presence of Arabian Sea mini warm pool. Current Science, 92 (6). pp. 794-800.

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It has been established through a numerical model that the onset vortex (OV) was formed dramatically in the shear line on the northern flank of a low level jet (LLJ) at 850 hPa over the mini warm pool (MWP) in the East Central Arabian Sea with the aid of sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies using MONEX-79 data. This study has led to serious investigation of MWP over the ECAS, but little attention has been given to its counterpart, i.e. the atmospheric pattern at 850 hPa, the level at which OV generally forms and extends on either side during the course of development. The present study examines the SST distribution over the Arabian Sea and circulation at 850 hPa to identify the MWP and the LLJ positions for five consecutive days with onset day as its centre and for six consecutive years 2000-05. The study has revealed that OV had formed only in 2001 under the influence of MWP on the northern flank of LLJ. During other years it seldom formed due to (i) absence of MWP, (ii) lack of sufficient strength of LLJ, and (iii) absence of the location of shear line (over the northern flank of LLJ) over MWP. The air-sea flux transfer processes for the OV year 2001 and a non-OV year 2002 are studied and compared for better understanding of the above process in relation to the OV and non-OV weather conditions over the study area.

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