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Optical remote sensing of atmospheric total ozone with radiometers

Pandithurai, G and Devara, PCS (1997) Optical remote sensing of atmospheric total ozone with radiometers. In: 10th Meeting on Optical Engineering in Israel, 2 March 1997 through 2 March 1997, Israel.

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A high-spectral resolution radiometer and a Volz sunphotometer have been in operation to monitor solar irradiance in the visible region 0.4 micrometers 0.7 micrometers , and at five discrete wavelengths covering the visible and near IR regions, respectively, since November 1993 at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India. Using the spectroradiometer-derived spectral variation of total optical depth in the Chappuis-band, ozone content in the atmospheric column was estimated by following the multiple regression method. Total ozone content in the atmosphere was estimated by following the multiple regression method. Total ozone content in the atmosphere was also determined by using the differential absorption of solar radiation at two wavelengths in and around the Chappuis-band from the sunphotometer observations. The observations carried out on about 200 cloud-free days spread over the period from February 1993 to May 1996 were used in the study. A comparison of total ozone, thus retrieved by the Chappuis- band method differed from the Dobson spectrophotometer measurements by about +/- 20 percent on the most stable days. These differences can be attributed to a combination of large aerosol optical depths, diurnal variation of aerosol optical depth, the deviation from the assumed power law relationship coefficients. The ozone optical depths inferred experimentally from the Chappuis-band method have been used to determine more accurate aerosol optical depths as compared to those routinely to those routinely obtained by using model ozone vertical profiles.

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