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Estimation of probable maximum precipitation for dams in the Hongru River catchment, China

Svensson, C and Rakhecha, PR (1998) Estimation of probable maximum precipitation for dams in the Hongru River catchment, China. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 59 (1-2). pp. 79-91.

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During the summer season, typhoons form in the western north Pacific Ocean and travel westward towards China. Some recurve northward off the coast, whereas others continue in over land. These typhoons bring heavy rainfall to the Huai river basin in eastern central China. In August 1975, the remnant of typhoon Nina caused exceptionally heavy rainfall in the Hongru river basin, in the mountainous upper reaches of the Huai river. The rainfall lasted five days from 4 to 8 August. This type of nearly stationary typhoon can cause rainfall of large intensity for a long duration, and is suitable for maximization to derive probable maximum precipitation (PMP) estimates. The PMP is transformed into a probable maximum flood hydrograph that is subsequently used to design spillways etc. In this study the PMP values have been estimated using a hydrometeorological method involving depth-area-duration analysis, moisture maximization, and altitude adjustment for typhoon Nina, for 1, 2, and 3 days duration. Areal PMP values were obtained for the entire Hongru river catchment, as well as for the subcatchments upstream the dams at Banqiao (762km2), Shimantan (230km2), Boshan (580km2), and Suyahu (4498km2). For point values, the PMP was estimated to 1 200 mm/day, 1 460 mm/2 days, and 1910 mm/3 days at altitudes about 100 m, which agrees well with previous studies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: catchment; dam; flood hydrograph; probable maximum precipitation; Typhoon Nina, China, Hongro River
Subjects: Meteorology and Climatology
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