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Cantorian fractal spacetime, quantum-like chaos and scale relativity in atmospheric flows

Selvam, AM and Fadnavis, S (1999) Cantorian fractal spacetime, quantum-like chaos and scale relativity in atmospheric flows. Chaos, solitons and fractals, 10 (9). pp. 1577-1582.

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Cantorian fractal spacetime fluctuations characterize quantum-like chaos in atmospheric flows. The macroscale atmospheric flow structure behaves as a unified whole quantum system, where the super-imposition of a continuum of eddies results in the observed global weather patterns with long-range spatiotemporal correlations, such as that of the widely investigated El Nino phenomenon. Large eddies are visualised as envelopes enclosing smaller eddies, thereby generating a hierarchy of eddy circulations, originating initially from a fixed primary small scale energising perturbation, e.g., the frictional upward momentum flux at the boundary layer of the Earth's surface. In this paper, it is shown that the relative motion concepts of Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity are applicable to eddy circulations originating from a constant primary perturbation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Chaos theory; Correlation methods; Equations of motion; Fractals; Perturbation techniques; Relativity, Atmospheric flow; Cantorian fractal spacetime; Quantum system, Atmospheric structure
Subjects: Meteorology and Climatology
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