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An Eulerian photochemical model for tropospheric ozone over the tropics

Debaje, SB and Jadhav, DB (1999) An Eulerian photochemical model for tropospheric ozone over the tropics. Current Science, 77 (11). pp. 1537-1541.

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A time-dependent Eulerian photochemical model for the highly reactive tropospheric trace species is formulated to gain insight into the observed trace species (ozone, NOx, PAN, HOx, etc.) over the tropics. In the present study, the model is designed to simulate a dirunal variation of surface ozone and vertical profile of the tropospheric ozone up to 15 km by considering the chemical and physical processes. The basis for this model is the mass balance of the concerned species (for example, ozone in this study) and it is solved by using Euler's numerical techniques assuming quasi steady state approximation (QSSA) as suggested by Hov1. The various terms like advection, turbulent diffusion, chemical transformations, emission and removal in mass balance equation can be solved independently. Therefore, in this study, emphasis is on the chemistry of the mass balance equation of tropospheric ozone. The model results are compared with ozone measurements made at Pune. The simulated ozone concentrations for clear sky agree within less than 20 differences except for monsoon season (cloudy days). The high tropospheric ozone observed usually in March (summer season) is shifted to monsoon season in model results. This shift in ozone is due to the neglect of the impact of cloud and aqueous phase processes on tropospheric ozone production in the model.

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