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A study of the instability of the meridional flow: Part 2

Mahanti, A.C. (1981) A study of the instability of the meridional flow: Part 2. Archives for Meteorology, Geophysics, and Bioclimatology Series A, 30 (1-2). pp. 23-38.

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In an earlier study 6 the author has shown that the time-dependent meridional flow can be expressed as superimposition of a number of easterly Rossby-gravity waves of infinite lateral extent. Using an equivalent barotropic model, it has been further shown that the short waves of the time-dependent meridional flow are unstable, releasing their kinetic energy to the tropical zonal flow. This is favourable for the generation of the tropical easterly jet. There are, however, some points which have not been fully discussed in the earlier study 6. This paper deals with the following points: (l) the equivalent barotropic model has been fully derived; (2) it has been shown that short waves have greater contribution to the meridional wind than long waves; (3) the time-dependent meridional wind is quite strong during the disturbed condition of the upper atmosphere in the tropics during summer; (4) the amplitude of wave number 8 is calculated depending on observational facts; (5) the vanishing of modified beta is further discussed.

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